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Find a Clinical Supervisor

Counsellors who work in churches or in other Christian organisations can seek clinical supervisors from this Referral Database.


About this Referral Database

The providers in our database are ACCS Professional Members who meet the following criteria:

  • Are active ACCS members

  • Are SAC registered clinical supervisors or are in the process of becoming SAC registered clinical supervisors

  • Have a valid Professional Indemnity Insurance


  • While ACCS offers this database as a resource, it does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any of the providers listed.

  • The providers participating in this Referral Database supply their own information about their services. We do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information that is shared in the provider’s webpage.

  • You are strongly encouraged to verify directly with the providers before engaging the services.

  • ACCS does not supervise any of the individuals or counselling practice in this database and bears no responsibility for services provided by persons or organisations.

If you have any feedback about a provider in our database or for further queries and clarification, please email us at Thank you.

List of Christian Clinical Supervisors

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