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ACCS Membership


We invite private practitioners, pastoral professionals and Christians in the helping professions to join us as members. As ACCS organizes Christian counseling seminars and training programs, we hope to recruit more Christian counselors to join us to cater to growing needs among Churches and the Christian community.

If your membership has lapsed and you wish to be reinstated, kindly complete the application form and submit it to us. We will get in touch with you soonest.

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Professional Members

Counselors, psychologists or social workers who have at least a post graduate or masters level of educational qualification.

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Pastoral Members

Pastors, church leaders, pastoral counselors, specialist counselors, youth leaders, missionaries, Christian educators, and others with theological and/or counseling training.

Lay Counsellors.png

Ordinary Members

Church members, spouses of professionals and religious leaders,

and others who are interested in Christian counseling, but who

have some or no

professional training.

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Student Members

Any person currently undergoing training

in counseling,

psychology or training

in any of the mental health professions.

ACCS Membership


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